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Girls’ School Project

The girls portrayed in these photographs are from the west remote Himalayan region of Nepal. These girls belong to the poorest of families and are considered as untouchables or also known as “Dalits” in their villages. This means that these children cannot attend a public school or any other schools in Nepal to get a formal education especially women in these remote regions. Therefore, the Khawalung Foundation plans to build and establish a well-rounded school for these underprivileged girls and enroll at least 20 girls and provide them an equal opportunity to have an education and chance for a better life. The Khawalung Foundation has already initiated this project and has received permission and a certificate from the education ministry of Nepal to enroll and teach children in Nepal. For the short term, the Khawalung Foundation plans to rent a small building next to the Khawalung Monastery and start enrolling children at the Khawalung School. Attached below is the budget that the foundation needs in order to successfully accomplish this project. Any kind of donation is highly appreciated as this not-for-profit project aims to help those girls who are in need in the remote areas of Nepal.

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