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Khawalung Monastery currently has over 100 monks under its roof from several ethnic groups like Sherpa, Tamang, Mugum, Karmarong, Gurung, Sawat, Thami, Budha and Magar. The monks are mostly from the Himalayan region and other diverse parts of Nepal like Mugum, Karmarong, Pokhara, Nuwakot, Sindupalchok, Manang, Dolpo, Solukhumbu, Sankhuwasabha, Taplejung, Okhaldungha and so on. These monks come from a very economically underprivileged family deprived from having their basic needs met. Therefore, these underprivileged childrens are sent to Khawalung monastery by their parents so that their children can receive a proper basic education, learn religious studies and mediation, and are guaranteed a decent accommodation in their lifestyle along with free medical expenses, clothing and other various activities. Presently, the monks at Khawalung Basic school can receive a formal standard education certified by the Nepalese government from grade I up to VI, along with the teachings of Buddhist philosophy taught by the monastery. In the future, however, The Khawalung Basic school aims expands its classes and provide the monks a free high school education system.

Anyone interested irrespective of their caste and creed can apply to become a monk at Khawalung Monastery.