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Prayer Request Service

The Khawalung Tashi Choeling Monastery “Prayers request service” offers the opportunity to request prayers or special practices for you, your friends or your relatives who may be ill, experiencing difficulties, or who have passed away.

It is a Buddhist tradition to offer donations to monasteries with request to do specific prayers. These donations help to support the monks and brings spiritual benefit for the sponsor. Prayers are also done for removing obstacles and creating auspicious circumstances. Please View the List of Prayers and Suggested Donation Amounts.

By making an offering a spiritual connection is reestablished between the person who is in need of prayers and those who are reciting the prayers on their behalf.

The prayers will be performed especially for the purpose / person they are requested for.

Please contact us via our email for further assistance, or send us your request via the given form.

Please use below form to send us your request: